Commit 36a05bb5 authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint
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VCS[git]: Remove unneeded 'success' confirmation of pull.

parent e83806e6
......@@ -1700,8 +1700,7 @@ bool GitClient::synchronousPull(const QString &workingDirectory, bool rebase)
if (rebase)
arguments << QLatin1String("--rebase");
// Disable UNIX terminals to suppress SSH prompting.
const unsigned flags = VCSBase::VCSBasePlugin::SshPasswordPrompt|VCSBase::VCSBasePlugin::ShowStdOutInLogWindow
const unsigned flags = VCSBase::VCSBasePlugin::SshPasswordPrompt|VCSBase::VCSBasePlugin::ShowStdOutInLogWindow;
const Utils::SynchronousProcessResponse resp = synchronousGit(workingDirectory, arguments, flags);
// Notify about changed files or abort the rebase.
const bool ok = resp.result == Utils::SynchronousProcessResponse::Finished;
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