Commit 389ca252 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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s60devicerunconfiguration: remove useless code

parent 27e3a1dd
......@@ -752,13 +752,6 @@ void S60DeviceRunControl::applicationRunFailedNotice(const QString &errorMessage
// ======== S60DeviceDebugRunControl
static inline QString localExecutable(const S60DeviceRunConfiguration *rc)
if (const S60DeviceRunConfiguration *s60runConfig = qobject_cast<const S60DeviceRunConfiguration *>(rc))
return s60runConfig->localExecutableFileName();
return QString();
// Return symbol file which should co-exist with the executable.
// location in debug builds. This can be 'foo.sym' (ABLD) or 'foo.exe.sym' (Raptor)
static inline QString symbolFileFromExecutable(const QString &executable)
......@@ -802,7 +795,7 @@ static Debugger::DebuggerStartParameters s60DebuggerStartParams(const S60DeviceR
// Prefer the '*.sym' file over the '.exe', which should exist at the same
// location in debug builds. This can be 'foo.exe' (ABLD) or 'foo.exe.sym' (Raptor)
sp.symbolFileName = symbolFileFromExecutable(localExecutable(rc));
sp.symbolFileName = symbolFileFromExecutable(rc->localExecutableFileName());
return sp;
......@@ -812,7 +805,7 @@ S60DeviceDebugRunControl::S60DeviceDebugRunControl(S60DeviceRunConfiguration *rc
if (startParameters().symbolFileName.isEmpty()) {
const QString msg = tr("Warning: Cannot locate the symbol file belonging to %1.").
appendMessage(msg, ErrorMessageFormat);
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