Commit 3e908dae authored by Jens Bache-Wiig's avatar Jens Bache-Wiig
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Fix filesystem icons on windows.

We now use filesystem icons on all platforms so
we might as well enable proper support on windows again.
parent f781076c
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ QIcon FileIconProvider::icon(const QFileInfo &fileInfo)
// Disabled since for now we'll make sure that all icons fit with our
// own custom icons by returning an empty one if we don't know it.
#if 0
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
// This is incorrect if the OS does not always return the same icon for the
// same suffix (Mac OS X), but should speed up the retrieval a lot ...
icon = m_systemIconProvider.icon(fileInfo);
......@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ void FileIconProvider::registerIconOverlayForSuffix(const QIcon &icon, const QSt
QIcon FileIconProvider::iconForSuffix(const QString &suffix) const
QIcon icon;
#ifndef Q_OS_WIN // On windows we use the file system icons
if (suffix.isEmpty())
return icon;
......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ QIcon FileIconProvider::iconForSuffix(const QString &suffix) const
return icon;
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