Commit 429a5274 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Remove function that isn't called anywhere

parent aaae96a0
......@@ -169,14 +169,6 @@ QString Qt4BuildConfiguration::defaultMakeTarget() const
return QString::null;
QString Qt4BuildConfiguration::qtDir() const
QtVersion *version = qtVersion();
if (version)
return version->versionInfo().value("QT_INSTALL_DATA");
return QString::null;
QtVersion *Qt4BuildConfiguration::qtVersion() const
return QtVersionManager::instance()->version(qtVersionId());
......@@ -63,8 +63,6 @@ public:
virtual QString buildDirectory() const;
// returns the qtdir (depends on the current QtVersion)
QString qtDir() const;
//returns the qtVersion, if the project is set to use the default qt version, then
// that is returned
// to check wheter the project uses the default qt version use qtVersionId
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