Commit 4ce19d4b authored by Thomas Hartmann's avatar Thomas Hartmann
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QmlJSInterpreter: adding public API to ASTObjectValue

Those are needed for the Visual Editor

Reviewed-by: Christian Kamm
parent 2bb6ad41
......@@ -3303,6 +3303,21 @@ QString ASTObjectValue::defaultPropertyName() const
return QString();
UiObjectInitializer *ASTObjectValue::initializer() const
return _initializer;
UiQualifiedId *ASTObjectValue::typeName() const
return _typeName;
const QmlJS::Document *ASTObjectValue::document() const
return _doc;
ASTVariableReference::ASTVariableReference(VariableDeclaration *ast, Engine *engine)
: Reference(engine), _ast(ast)
......@@ -945,6 +945,10 @@ public:
virtual void processMembers(MemberProcessor *processor) const;
QString defaultPropertyName() const;
AST::UiObjectInitializer *initializer() const;
AST::UiQualifiedId *typeName() const;
const Document *document() const;
class QMLJS_EXPORT ImportInfo
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