Commit 4e60001f authored by Hugues Delorme's avatar Hugues Delorme Committed by Tobias Hunger
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Vcs: fix potential issue in VcsBaseEditor::getTitleId()

In case the input list of filenames contains only empty item(s) then getTitleId()
fails to return a valid result.
It should return the workingDir or the revision.

Change-Id: I697826446037e4b1e9f94c4c0c558336f8d44237
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent bd87b090
...@@ -1318,16 +1318,22 @@ QString VcsBaseEditor::getTitleId(const QString &workingDirectory, ...@@ -1318,16 +1318,22 @@ QString VcsBaseEditor::getTitleId(const QString &workingDirectory,
const QStringList &fileNames, const QStringList &fileNames,
const QString &revision) const QString &revision)
{ {
QStringList nonEmptyFileNames;
foreach (const QString& fileName, fileNames) {
if (!fileName.trimmed().isEmpty())
QString rc; QString rc;
switch (fileNames.size()) { switch (nonEmptyFileNames.size()) {
case 0: case 0:
rc = workingDirectory; rc = workingDirectory;
break; break;
case 1: case 1:
rc = fileNames.front(); rc = nonEmptyFileNames.front();
break; break;
default: default:
rc = fileNames.join(QLatin1String(", ")); rc = nonEmptyFileNames.join(QLatin1String(", "));
break; break;
} }
if (!revision.isEmpty()) { if (!revision.isEmpty()) {
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