Commit 4fec64a2 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Some internal qmake files were listed in the project tree.

Checking paths against each other is a little more complex.
parent 5ea40c09
......@@ -86,12 +86,12 @@ void ProFileReader::releaseParsedProFile(ProFile *)
QList<ProFile*> ProFileReader::includeFiles() const
QString qmakeMkSpecDir = propertyValue("QMAKE_MKSPECS");
QString qmakeMkSpecDir = QFileInfo(propertyValue("QMAKE_MKSPECS")).absoluteFilePath();
QList<ProFile *> list;
QMap<QString, ProFile *>::const_iterator it, end;
end = m_includeFiles.constEnd();
for (it = m_includeFiles.constBegin(); it != end; ++it) {
if (!(it.key().startsWith(qmakeMkSpecDir)))
if (!QFileInfo((it.key())).absoluteFilePath().startsWith(qmakeMkSpecDir))
return list;
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