Commit 514b30ec authored by Pierre Rossi's avatar Pierre Rossi
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Fix an issue with 'make ts' when CUSTOMWIZARDS_FILES is empty.

Reviewed-by : Daniel Molkentin
parent a8df7329
let $files := ( $$CUSTOMWIZARD_FILES )
let $prefix := string(\"QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("ProjectExplorer::CustomWizard", "\")
let $suffix := concat(\"")\", codepoints-to-string(10))
where empty($files)
for $file in $files
let $doc := doc($file)
for $text in ($doc/*:wizard/*:description, $doc/*:wizard/*:displayname, $doc/*:wizard/*:displaycategory, $doc/*:wizard/*:fieldpagetitle, $doc/*:wizard/*:fields/*:field/*:fielddescription)
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