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......@@ -1571,8 +1571,11 @@
\o Loading KDE4 designer plugins breaks the style in KDE < 4.2.1
due to a bug in KDE.
\o Scopes in \c{.pro} files are ignored, and environment variables not
\o The DEFINES and INCLUDES set in \c{.pro} files are not dealt with
on a file-specific level. Because of this, handling of DEFINES has
been disabled completely. Also the \c{.qmake.cache} is not being
parsed. In general, the \c{.pro} file parser is incomplete and
problems are still to be expected.
\o Code completion for generated UI header files is updated only
after a build.
......@@ -182,9 +182,6 @@
<property name="layoutDirection">
<property name="frame">
<property name="alignment">
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