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Doc - Validating user input in custom wizards

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\section1 Validating User Input
You can specify validation rules for user input. The rules consist of a Boolean
JavaScript expression and an error message. The placeholders in them are
replaced with values before they are evaluated or displayed.
Consider the following rule used in the \l{Creating Class Wizards} example:
<validationrule condition='"%ClassName%" != "QAbstractListModel"'>
<message>%ClassName% cannot be used as class name.</message>
<message xml:lang="de">%ClassName% kann nicht als Klassenname verwendet werden.</message>
It ensures that the class name entered by the user does not match the name of
the base class. If the validation fails, a red label displaying the message appears
at the bottom of the wizard page.
\section1 Using Generator Scripts
The values entered in the wizard page are passed to the script
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