Commit 5c856670 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Break a infinite loop.

Removing the last project did set startupproject to zero and unloaded
the project. Thus the check that the project for the current item and
the startup project are both null and the same.
parent f35a0f54
......@@ -310,12 +310,14 @@ void ProjectWindow::handleCurrentItemChanged(QTreeWidgetItem *current)
void ProjectWindow::handleItem(QTreeWidgetItem *item, int column)
if (!item || column != 1) // startup project
const QString path = item->data(2, Qt::UserRole).toString();
Project *project = findProject(path);
// Project no longer exists
if (!project)
if (!(item->checkState(1) == Qt::Checked)) { // is now unchecked
if (m_session->startupProject() == project) {
item->setCheckState(1, Qt::Checked); // uncheck not supported
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