Commit 5c993166 authored by con's avatar con
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Remove dead code.

parent 9f1737b4
......@@ -578,15 +578,6 @@ QList<IFile *> FileManager::saveModifiedFiles(const QList<IFile *> &files,
return saveModifiedFiles(files, cancelled, false, message, alwaysSaveMessage, alwaysSave);
static QMessageBox::StandardButton skipFailedPrompt(QWidget *parent, const QString &fileName)
return QMessageBox::question(parent,
FileManager::tr("Cannot save file"),
FileManager::tr("Cannot save changes to '%1'. Do you want to continue and lose your changes?").arg(fileName),
QMessageBox::YesToAll| QMessageBox::Yes|QMessageBox::No,
QList<IFile *> FileManager::saveModifiedFiles(const QList<IFile *> &files,
bool *cancelled,
bool silently,
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