Doc: Explain different usages of "Restrict to MIME types"

Different MIME type restrictions can be specified for auto
formatting and executing the menu command.

Update the screenshot that shows Beautifier options.

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......@@ -89,6 +89,11 @@
types of the files to beautify, separated by semicolons. Leave the
field empty to apply the tool on all files.
This setting is applied only when automatically beautifying files on
save. To restrict the MIME types when selecting the menu item to
format the currently open file, specify this option in the
tool-specific tab.
\li Select the \uicontrol {Restrict to files contained in the current
project} check box to only beautify files that belong to the
current project.
......@@ -104,6 +109,10 @@
\uicontrol {Clang Format command}, or
\uicontrol {Uncrustify command} field.
\li In the \uicontrol {Restrict to MIME types} field, define the MIME
types of the files to beautify. This setting is applied when you
select the menu item to format the currently open file.
\li In the \uicontrol Options group, select the configuration file that
defines the style to use in the source files. If you select several
options, they are applied from top down. The available options
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