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\title Qt Creator Manual
\section1 Version 0.9 - Technical Preview
\section1 Version 0.9.1 (Beta)
The goal of Qt Creator is to provide a cross-platform, complete Integrated
Development Environment (IDE) to develop Qt projects. It is available for
the Linux, Mac OS X and Windows platforms.
\note Qt Creator is currently released as a Technical Preview. It is
\note The current version of Qt Creator is 0.9.1 (Beta). It is
possible to edit source code, compile, run and debug applications; other
features are still under development. Please send bug reports and
suggestions to To subscribe, send a
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\previouspage creator-keyboard-shortcuts.html
\page creator-known-issues.html
\title Known Issues of Version 0.9 (Technical Preview)
\title Known Issues of Version 0.9.1 (Beta)
There are some known issues with the Technical Preview.
There are some known issues with Qt Creator 0.9.1 (Beta).
The development team is aware of those, there is no need to report them as bug.
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