Commit 5fa0f306 authored by Kai Koehne's avatar Kai Koehne
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QmlEditor: Fix gcc warnings

parent 894be456
......@@ -465,10 +465,10 @@ void ContextPaneWidgetImage::setPixmap(const QString &fileName)
if (QFile(fileName).exists()) {
if (fileName.endsWith(QLatin1String("sci"))) {
QString pixmapFileName;
int left;
int right;
int top;
int bottom;
int left = -1;
int right = -1;
int top = -1;
int bottom = -1;
Qt::TileRule horizontalTileRule;
Qt::TileRule verticalTileRule;
if (parseSciFile(fileName, pixmapFileName, left, right, top, bottom, horizontalTileRule, verticalTileRule)) {
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