Commit 6056c3e1 authored by Robert Loehning's avatar Robert Loehning
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Cleaned up calls to parent class's functions

parent 740717f0
......@@ -148,16 +148,6 @@ QIcon FileIconProvider::icon(const QFileInfo &fileInfo) const
QIcon FileIconProvider::icon(IconType type) const
return QFileIconProvider::icon(type);
QString FileIconProvider::type(const QFileInfo &info) const
return QFileIconProvider::type(info);
Creates a pixmap with baseicon at size and overlays overlayIcon over it.
See platform note in class documentation about recommended usage.
......@@ -56,9 +56,8 @@ public:
virtual ~FileIconProvider();
// Implement QFileIconProvider
virtual QIcon icon(IconType type) const;
virtual QIcon icon(const QFileInfo &info) const;
virtual QString type(const QFileInfo &info) const;
using QFileIconProvider::icon;
// Register additional overlay icons
static QPixmap overlayIcon(QStyle::StandardPixmap baseIcon, const QIcon &overlayIcon, const QSize &size);
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