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Doc: Mention OpenGL issues in FAQ section

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\section1 General Questions
\b {\QC only shows a blank window, or crashes on startup. What's going wrong?}
Some parts of \QC use Qt Quick 2, which relies on OpenGL API for
drawing. The most prominent use of Qt Quick 2 is in the Welcome mode, but it's
also used for the \QMLD, and the QML Profiler.
Unfortunately the use of OpenGL can cause problems, especially in remote setups
and with outdated drivers. You can quickly check whether this is your problem by:
\li Launching \QC with Welcome mode disabled ( \c{-noload Welcome} on
command line).
\li Checking the console or the Windows debugger log for OpenGL-related error messages.
The fixes and workarounds differ, depending on your setup. As a last resort you
can disable the affected plugins.
\e{Virtual Machines}
Try to enable \e{3D acceleration} in your virtual machine's settings.
Check whether \QC has been compiled with OpenGL/Desktop, or ANGLE as
a backend. The official binaries are always built with ANGLE (a library that
maps OpenGL ES API to DirectX).
\li ANGLE backend: This requires a Windows version newer than Windows XP. If you
have problems, try updating your graphics drivers or update your
DirectX version.
\li OpenGL backend: Make sure your graphics driver supports OpenGL 2.1 or newer.
Try to update your graphics driver.
Run \c glxgears for a quick check whether OpenGL works in general. Check output of
\c glxinfo to get more details like the OpenGL driver and renderer (search for 'OpenGL'
in the application's output).
If you are using the Mesa driver, you can force OpenGL to be rendered in software
by setting the \c LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE environment variable.
\e{Disabling plugins}
You can disable the \QC plugins, at the expense of losing functionality:
\li Launch \QC from command line, with
\c {-noload Welcome -noload QmlProfiler -noload QuickDesigner} arguments.
\li Disable the plugins permanently by selecting \gui Help > \gui{About Plugins}.
\b {How do I reset all \QC settings?}
\QC creates the following files and directories:
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