Commit 72c5253a authored by Lukas Holecek's avatar Lukas Holecek Committed by hjk
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FakeVim: Fix target column when leaving insert mode

Change-Id: Idb9d6b70815d7212f677d68b3d5d268abdf4f44f
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent dfce1be1
......@@ -7834,8 +7834,12 @@ void FakeVimHandler::Private::enterCommandMode(Mode returnToMode)
if (g.isRecording && isCommandLineMode())
record(Input(Key_Escape, NoModifier));
if (isNoVisualMode() && atEndOfLine())
if (isNoVisualMode() && atEndOfLine()) {
m_cursor.movePosition(Left, KeepAnchor);
if (m_targetColumn != -1)
g.mode = CommandMode;
g.returnToMode = returnToMode;
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