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Doc: requirements for QML debugging on devices

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\note You need Qt 4.7.1 or later to debug Qt Quick projects. Debugging projects
not created with the Qt Quick wizards is only supported with Qt 4.8, or later.
To debug Qt Quick applications running on devices, you must install
Qt 4.7.4, or later, libraries on devices. To debug applications on Symbian
devices, you must install also QML Viewer on them.
\section1 Setting Up QML Debugging
The process of setting up debugging for Qt Quick projects depends on the type of
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To debug Qt Quick Applications on devices, install Qt 4.7.4, or later,
libraries on devices. Then select the device as the target before you
start debugging.
\section1 Starting QML Debugging
To start the application, choose \gui {Debug > Start Debugging
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