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For more information on how to define capabilities for a project, see
\section3 Application UID
A UID is a globally unique identifier that is used to
uniquely identify, for example, an object or file type. In Symbian development,
objects are identified by compound identifiers that are constructed from three
UIDs, namely UID1, UID2, and UID3. UID1 and UID2 specify the category of an
object, whereas UID3 identifies a particular object, such as an application.
When you create a \gui {Mobile Qt Application}, Qt Creator adds a UID3 suitable for
development and debugging automatically to the application .pro file. However, to
distribute your application and get it Symbian signed, you must apply for a UID
from Symbian, who manages the allocation of UIDs. You can request UIDs either one
at a time or as preallocated blocks on the \l{}{Symbian Signed}
web site.
Replace the testing UID with the distribution UID in the .pro file before you
build the final installation package. For more information, see
\l{}{Unique Identifiers}.
\section2 Building and Running for Symbian Emulator
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