Commit 799c624c authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint
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Fix trk-Launcher output connection.

parent 7da51905
......@@ -785,6 +785,11 @@ void S60DeviceRunControlBase::slotWaitingForTrkClosed()
void S60DeviceRunControlBase::printApplicationOutput(const QString &output)
printApplicationOutput(output, false);
void S60DeviceRunControlBase::printApplicationOutput(const QString &output, bool onStdErr)
emit addToOutputWindowInline(this, output, onStdErr);
......@@ -162,6 +162,7 @@ protected:
protected slots:
void printApplicationOutput(const QString &output, bool onStdErr);
void printApplicationOutput(const QString &output);
void deviceRemoved(const SymbianUtils::SymbianDevice &);
private slots:
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