Commit 7b84e0c9 authored by Olli Werwolff's avatar Olli Werwolff
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Fixes: Changes in skipping files and suggested path in qrc editor

RevBy:    Thorbjorn Lindeijer
Details:  Renamed button "Don't Add" to "Skip". The button is only
          shown, if more than 1 file shall be added. In addition to
	  that the qrc editor checks, whether there is a "Resources"
	  directory in the qrc-file's folder and sets this directory
	  as the suggested save dir, if present (Needed in the Visual
	  Studio Add-in)
parent 971c1999
......@@ -177,6 +177,7 @@ void QrcEditor::resolveLocationIssues(QStringList &files)
const QString dotdotSlash = QLatin1String("../");
int i = 0;
int count = files.count();
int initialCount = files.count();
// Find first troublesome file
for (; i < count; i++) {
......@@ -213,10 +214,14 @@ void QrcEditor::resolveLocationIssues(QStringList &files)
message.setWindowTitle(tr("Invalid file"));
QPushButton * const copyButton = message.addButton(tr("Copy"), QMessageBox::ActionRole);
QPushButton * const skipButton = message.addButton(tr("Don't add"), QMessageBox::DestructiveRole);
QPushButton * skipButton = NULL;
if (initialCount > 1)
skipButton = message.addButton(tr("Skip"), QMessageBox::DestructiveRole);
QPushButton * const abortButton = message.addButton(tr("Abort"), QMessageBox::RejectRole);
message.setText(tr("The file %1 is not in a subdirectory of the resource file. Continuing will result in an invalid resource file.")
......@@ -226,7 +231,12 @@ void QrcEditor::resolveLocationIssues(QStringList &files)
i--; // Compensate i++
} else if (message.clickedButton() == copyButton) {
const QFileInfo fi(file);
const QFileInfo suggestion(dir, fi.fileName());
QFileInfo suggestion;
QDir tmpTarget(dir.path() + QString(QDir::separator()) + QString("Resources"));;
if (tmpTarget.exists())
suggestion.setFile(tmpTarget, fi.fileName());
suggestion.setFile(dir, fi.fileName());
const QString copyName = QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(this, tr("Choose copy location"),
if (!copyName.isEmpty()) {
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