Commit 878462f7 authored by kh1's avatar kh1
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Fix MADDE and pkg-config with QtCreator.

We missed some environment vars that had to be set to make the script
work. NOTE: still does not work on windows, since madbin\pkg-config.cmd
needs to be too.

Reviewed-by: kh

(cherry picked from commit 00171038)
(cherry picked from commit 9f8da8aa)
parent 13e04273
......@@ -60,10 +60,15 @@ void MaemoToolChain::addToEnvironment(ProjectExplorer::Environment &env)
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
// put this into environment to make pkg-config stuff work
env.prependOrSet(QLatin1String("SYSROOT_DIR"), sysrootRoot());
QString MaemoToolChain::makeCommand() const
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