Commit 8b5f742f authored by Kai Koehne's avatar Kai Koehne
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Qt Options Page: Remove gdb debugging helper status from tooltip

Listening all debugging helpers there is overkill, and one can see
their status conveniently anyway if the Qt version is selected.
parent eda6e855
......@@ -701,9 +701,6 @@ QString QtVersion::toHtml() const
} // default config.
str << "<tr><td><b>" << QtVersionManager::tr("Version:")
<< "</b></td><td>" << qtVersionString() << "</td></tr>";
if (hasDebuggingHelper())
str << "<tr><td><b>" << QtVersionManager::tr("Debugging helper:")
<< "</b></td><td>" << debuggingHelperLibrary() << "</td></tr>";
const QHash<QString,QString> vInfo = versionInfo();
if (!vInfo.isEmpty()) {
const QHash<QString,QString>::const_iterator vcend = vInfo.constEnd();
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