Commit 8cc1e452 authored by con's avatar con
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Remove patching of something that doesn't exist.

parent 04d2bfa8
......@@ -81,18 +81,6 @@ sed \
## Patch installer.rc
TMPFILE=`mktemp versionPatch.XXXXXX`
echo "Patching \`${INSTALLER_RC}'"
sed \
-e "s/"${OLD_DOT_FOUR}"/"${NEW_DOT_FOUR}"/" \
-e "s/"${OLD_COMMA_FOUR}"/"${NEW_COMMA_FOUR}"/" \
p4 edit `sed -e 's/\/\.\//\//g' -e 's/\/[^\/]\+\/\.\.\//\//g' <<<"${INSTALLER_RC}"`
mv -f "${TMPFILE}" "${INSTALLER_RC}"
## Patch Info.plist
TMPFILE=`mktemp versionPatch.XXXXXX`
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