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\bold{Build Settings} page. Qt Creator will run the make command using the
correct Qt version.
\note The \bold{Gdb Macros Build} step builds a small library along with your
project that is used for the custom display of Qt and STL objects in the
integrated debugger. The library is created and built in a "qtc-gdbmacros"
subfolder of your project's main directory, and loaded dynamically into your
application if you run it in the debugger. If the
debugging helper seems to break your build or your application, you can
remove the build step. You will still be able to debug applications, but the
contents of Qt and STL data types will not be displayed properly.
\section1 Dependencies
If you have multiple projects loaded in your session, you can configure
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registers. Both views are useful for low-level commands such as
\gui{Step Single Instruction} and \gui{Step Over Single Instruction}.
\section1 Debugging Helper Library
While debugging Qt Creator dynamically loads a helper library into
your program. This helper library enables Qt Creator to pretty print
Qt and STL types. The Qt SDK package already contains a prebuilt
debugging helper library. To create a debugging helper library
select the \{Options} from the \gui{Tools} menu, and go to the
\gui{Qt/Qt Versions} pane. As the internal layout of qt can
change between versions, the debugging helper library is build
per Qt Version.
\section1 A Walkthrough for the Debugger Frontend
In our \l{Writing a Simple Program with Qt Creator}{TextFinder} example, we
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