Commit 91208c82 authored by Erik Verbruggen's avatar Erik Verbruggen Committed by Robert Loehning
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C++: Disabled CompleteSwitchCaseStatement: needs bugfixing.

(cherry picked from commit 3ff803d7e2543b64358755702d3c74318bc01736)
parent 533685b1
......@@ -1338,6 +1338,13 @@ protected:
const QList<LookupItem> results = typeOfExpression(statement->condition,
/// \note FIXME: the lookup has at least two problems: the result.declaration()
/// will often be null, (i.e. when the condition is a function call)
/// and the lookups will not look through typedefs.
foreach (LookupItem result, results) {
FullySpecifiedType fst = result.type();
if (! result.declaration())
......@@ -1741,9 +1748,11 @@ void CppQuickFixCollector::registerQuickFixes(ExtensionSystem::IPlugin *plugIn)
plugIn->addAutoReleasedObject(new TranslateStringLiteral);
plugIn->addAutoReleasedObject(new CStringToNSString);
plugIn->addAutoReleasedObject(new ConvertNumericLiteral);
plugIn->addAutoReleasedObject(new CompleteSwitchCaseStatement);
// Disabled for now: see the CompleteSwitchCaseStatement class for the reason.
// plugIn->addAutoReleasedObject(new CompleteSwitchCaseStatement);
plugIn->addAutoReleasedObject(new FixForwardDeclarationOp);
plugIn->addAutoReleasedObject(new AddLocalDeclarationOp);
plugIn->addAutoReleasedObject(new ToCamelCaseConverter);
plugIn->addAutoReleasedObject(new Internal::DeclFromDef);
plugIn->addAutoReleasedObject(new Internal::DefFromDecl);
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