Commit 99cbb2f8 authored by Kai Koehne's avatar Kai Koehne
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QmlDesigner: Cleaning up coretests

Removing tests that have been Skipped forever, and enabling others
parent 7796db0f
......@@ -48,11 +48,10 @@ private slots:
// unit tests Model, ModelNode, NodeProperty, AbstractView
void testModelViewNotification();
void testModelCreateSubNode();
void testModelCreateCoreModel();
void testModelCreateInvalidSubNode();
void testModelCreateRect();
void testModelViewNotification();
void testModelCreateSubNode();
void testModelRemoveNode();
void testModelRootNode();
void testModelReorderSiblings();
......@@ -173,20 +172,10 @@ private slots:
void saveAttributesInCoreModel();
void loadSubItems();
void attributeChangeSynchronizer();
void attributeAdditionSynchronizer();
void attributeRemovalSynchronizer();
void childAddedSynchronizer();
void childRemovedSynchronizer();
void childReplacedSynchronizer();
void createInvalidCoreModel();
void loadQml();
void subItemMetaInfo();
void defaultPropertyValues();
......@@ -196,43 +185,19 @@ private slots:
void loadAnchors();
void changeAnchors();
void anchorToSibling();
void anchorsAndStates();
void removeFillAnchorByDetaching();
void removeFillAnchorByChanging();
void removeCenteredInAnchorByDetaching();
void sideIndex();
// Property bindings:
void loadPropertyBinding();
void changePropertyBinding();
void loadObjectPropertyBinding();
// Bigger tests:
void loadWelcomeScreen();
void loadTestFiles();
// Object bindings as properties:
void loadGradient();
void changeGradientId();
// Copy & Paste:
void copyAndPasteInSingleModel();
void copyAndPasteBetweenModels();
// Editing inline Components
void changeSubModel();
void changeInlineComponent();
// Testing imports
void changeImports();
void testIfChangePropertyIsRemoved();
void testAnchorsAndStates();
// Testing states
void testStatesWithAnonymousTargets();
#endif // TESTCORE_H
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