Commit 9b2a6d80 authored by Tobias Hunger's avatar Tobias Hunger
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Add unit test for QTCREATORBUG-1165

Nothing to fix in master, move on;-)

Tasknumber: QTCREATORBUG-1165
parent b7c0a420
......@@ -428,6 +428,16 @@ void ProjectExplorerPlugin::testGccOutputParsers_data()
QLatin1String("../../scriptbug/main.cpp"), 8,
<< QString();
QTest::newRow("instanciated from here")
<< QString::fromLatin1("main.cpp:10: instantiated from here ")
<< OutputParserTester::STDERR
<< QString() << QString()
<< ( QList<ProjectExplorer::Task>()
<< Task(Task::Unknown,
QLatin1String("instantiated from here"),
QLatin1String("main.cpp"), 10,
<< QString();
QTest::newRow("At global scope")
<< QString::fromLatin1("../../scriptbug/main.cpp: At global scope:\n"
"../../scriptbug/main.cpp: In instantiation of void bar(i) [with i = double]:\n"
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