Commit 9e6448d3 authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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improve file change notification suppression in saveFile()

for one, entirely stop monitoring the own IFile.
second, expect changes on the filename - in case other IFiles use it as
these two ensure that nothing weird happens, especially if we show a dialog
and thus enter an event loop.
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......@@ -279,24 +279,6 @@ void FileManager::addFileInfo(const QString &fileName, IFile *file, bool isLink)
d->m_filesWithWatch[file].append(fileName); // inserts a new QStringList if not already there
/* Updates the time stamp and permission information of the files
registered for this IFile (in m_filesWithWatch; can be the IFile's file + final link target) */
void FileManager::updateFileInfo(IFile *file)
foreach (const QString &fileName, d->m_filesWithWatch.value(file)) {
// If the filename is empty there's nothing to do
if (fileName.isEmpty())
const QFileInfo fi(fileName);
Internal::FileStateItem item;
item.modified = fi.lastModified();
item.permissions = fi.permissions();
QTC_ASSERT(d->m_states.contains(fileName), continue);
QTC_ASSERT(d->m_states.value(fileName).lastUpdatedState.contains(file), continue);
d->m_states[fileName].lastUpdatedState.insert(file, item);
/// Dumps the state of the file manager's map
/// For debugging purposes
void FileManager::dump()
......@@ -410,18 +392,21 @@ void FileManager::fileDestroyed(QObject *obj)
Removes a IFile object from the collection.
Returns true if the file specified by \a file has been part of the file list.
Returns true if the file specified by \a file had the addWatcher argument to addFile() set.
void FileManager::removeFile(IFile *file)
bool FileManager::removeFile(IFile *file)
QTC_ASSERT(file, return);
QTC_ASSERT(file, return false);
bool addWatcher = false;
// Special casing unwatched files
if (!d->m_filesWithoutWatch.removeOne(file)) {
addWatcher = true;
disconnect(file, SIGNAL(changed()), this, SLOT(checkForNewFileName()));
disconnect(file, SIGNAL(destroyed(QObject *)), this, SLOT(fileDestroyed(QObject *)));
return addWatcher;
/* Slot reacting on IFile::changed. We need to check if the signal was sent
......@@ -633,7 +618,11 @@ QList<IFile *> FileManager::saveModifiedFiles(const QList<IFile *> &files,
bool FileManager::saveFile(IFile *file, const QString &fileName, bool *isReadOnly)
bool ret = true;
QString effName = fileName.isEmpty() ? file->fileName() : fileName;
expectFileChange(effName); // This only matters to other IFiles which refer to this file
bool addWatcher = removeFile(file); // So that our own IFile gets no notification at all
QString errorString;
if (!file->save(&errorString, fileName)) {
if (isReadOnly) {
......@@ -642,28 +631,18 @@ bool FileManager::saveFile(IFile *file, const QString &fileName, bool *isReadOnl
if (ofi.exists() && !
&& ofi.error() == QFile::PermissionsError) {
*isReadOnly = true;
return false;
goto out;
*isReadOnly = false;
QMessageBox::critical(d->m_mainWindow, tr("File Error"), errorString);
return false;
ret = false;
// We are updating the lastUpdated time to the current modification time
// in changedFile we'll compare the modification time with the last updated
// time, and if they are the same, then we don't deliver that notification
// to corresponding IFile
// Also we are updating the expected time of the file
// in changedFile we'll check if the modification time
// is the same as the saved one here
// If so then it's a expected change
foreach (const QString &fileName, d->m_filesWithWatch.value(file))
return true;
addFile(file, addWatcher);
return ret;
QString FileManager::getSaveFileName(const QString &title, const QString &pathIn,
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ public:
// file pool to monitor
void addFiles(const QList<IFile *> &files, bool addWatcher = true);
void addFile(IFile *file, bool addWatcher = true);
void removeFile(IFile *file);
bool removeFile(IFile *file);
QList<IFile *> modifiedFiles() const;
void renamedFile(const QString &from, const QString &to);
......@@ -159,7 +159,6 @@ private:
void addFileInfo(const QString &fileName, IFile *file, bool isLink);
void removeFileInfo(IFile *file);
void updateFileInfo(IFile *file);
void updateExpectedState(const QString &fileName);
QList<IFile *> saveModifiedFiles(const QList<IFile *> &files,
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