Commit a03f8643 authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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make message() & co. handling more qmake-like

which basically means cutting features. heh
parent 88de3e6a
......@@ -2207,20 +2207,7 @@ ProItem::ProItemReturn ProFileEvaluator::Private::evaluateConditionalFunction(
return ProItem::ReturnFalse;
QString msg = fixEnvVariables(args.first());
if (function == QLatin1String("error")) {
QStringList parents;
foreach (ProFile *proFile, m_profileStack)
if (!parents.isEmpty())
if (parents.isEmpty())
q->fileMessage(format("Project ERROR: %1").arg(msg));
q->fileMessage(format("Project ERROR: %1. File was included from: '%2'")
.arg(msg).arg(parents.join(QLatin1String("', '"))));
} else {
q->fileMessage(format("Project MESSAGE: %1").arg(msg));
q->fileMessage(QString::fromLatin1("Project %1: %2").arg(function.toUpper(), msg));
return ProItem::ReturnFalse;
#if 0 // Way too dangerous to enable.
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