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Doc: new and updated refactoring actions

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......@@ -1498,7 +1498,10 @@
\i Add Definition in 'filename'
\i Inserts a definition stub for a member function declaration in the
implementation file
implementation file. The definition is placed after that of the
preceding declaration. Qualified names are minimized when possible,
instead of always being fully expanded.
\i Method name
\i Add 'Function' Declaration
......@@ -1547,6 +1550,15 @@
\o data member with the name \c {m_<propertyName>}
\i Apply Changes
\i Keeps function declarations and definitions synchronized by
checking for the matching declaration or definition when you
edit a function signature and by applying the changes to the
matching code.
\i Function signature. When this action is available, a light bulb
icon appears:
\inlineimage qml-toolbar-indicator.png
\section2 Refactoring QML Code
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