Commit a478f3d2 authored by Roberto Raggi's avatar Roberto Raggi
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Renamed the local declaration of FindLocalSymbols.

parent 4deb7d05
......@@ -253,9 +253,9 @@ private:
LocalSymbols::LocalSymbols(CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr doc, CPlusPlus::DeclarationAST *ast)
FindLocalSymbols FindLocalSymbols(doc);
hasD = FindLocalSymbols.hasD;
hasQ = FindLocalSymbols.hasQ;
uses = FindLocalSymbols.localUses;
FindLocalSymbols findLocalSymbols(doc);
hasD = findLocalSymbols.hasD;
hasQ = findLocalSymbols.hasQ;
uses = findLocalSymbols.localUses;
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