Commit af81369b authored by Alessandro Portale's avatar Alessandro Portale
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Code cleanup.

Remove the code which handled the "QML_IMPORT_PATH" define in
the .pro file (actually, it did not even handle it, since the
line was commented).
parent 1cce35ec
......@@ -224,11 +224,8 @@ void QtQuickApp::handleCurrentProFileTemplateLine(const QString &line,
QTextStream &proFileTemplate, QTextStream &proFile,
bool &commentOutNextLine) const
if (line.contains(QLatin1String("# QMLJSDEBUGGER"))) {
// ### disabled for now; figure out the private headers problem first.
//commentOutNextLine = true;
} else if (line.contains(QLatin1String("# QML_IMPORT_PATH"))) {
if (line.contains(QLatin1String("# QML_IMPORT_PATH"))) {
QString nextLine = proFileTemplate.readLine(); // eats 'QML_IMPORT_PATH ='
if (!nextLine.startsWith(QLatin1String("QML_IMPORT_PATH =")))
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