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How To add translations to Qt Creator
- Coordinate over the mailing list to avoid duplicate work.
- Add your language to the LANGUAGES line in
Don't qualify it with a country unless it is reasonable to expect
country-specific variants.
Skip this step if updating an existing translation, obviously.
- Run "make ts". This will complain if you are not building against
Qt 4.6 (or the master branch which will become it).
If your Qt version is too old, you may create a template by running
lconvert --drop-translations qtcreator_de.ts -o qtcreator_<yours>.ts
and adjusting the language attribute in the new .ts file. The downside
of this method is obviously that you will not be translating the newest
Creator sources (unless qtcreator_de.ts was completely up-to-date).
Of course, this method is not applicable if you are updating an existing
You may also request an up-to-date template from us.
The remaining steps do *not* require Qt 4.6 in any case.
- Fire up linguist and do the translation.
- Check in the modified .pro file and _only_ your .ts file.
- Make a merge request on gitorious.
- .qm files are generated as part of the regular build.
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