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Creating profiles: Set toolchain before the mkspec

The mkspec setting function checks whether the value is the same as the
default, but the default depends on the toolchain.

Change-Id: I2ff55efbf365617b117301224e23d616dc7db25e
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent efe466d0
......@@ -203,8 +203,8 @@ ProjectExplorer::Profile *TargetSetupPage::createTemporaryProfile(QtSupport::Bas
ProjectExplorer::Profile *p = new ProjectExplorer::Profile;
QtSupport::QtProfileInformation::setQtVersion(p, version);
QmakeProfileInformation::setMkspec(p, parsedSpec);
ProjectExplorer::ToolChainProfileInformation::setToolChain(p, version->preferredToolChain(parsedSpec));
QmakeProfileInformation::setMkspec(p, parsedSpec);
p->setValue(PROFILE_IS_TEMPORARY, true);
p->setValue(TEMPORARY_OF_PROJECTS, QStringList() << m_proFilePath);
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