Commit c05e9347 authored by con's avatar con
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Fixes: - Make sure that we find make command for gdbmacros library.

Task:     - 244273
Details:  - We need to search in the path for it.
parent 6edae34a
......@@ -124,7 +124,15 @@ void GdbMacrosBuildStep::run(QFutureInterface<bool> & fi)
qmake.start(m_qmake, QStringList()<<"-spec"<<mkspec<<configarguments<<"");
qmake.start(qt4Project->qtVersion(m_buildConfiguration)->makeCommand(), makeArguments);
QString makeCmd = qt4Project->qtVersion(m_buildConfiguration)->makeCommand();
if (!value(m_buildConfiguration, "makeCmd").toString().isEmpty())
makeCmd = value(m_buildConfiguration, "makeCmd").toString();
if (!QFileInfo(makeCmd).isAbsolute()) {
// Try to detect command in environment
QString tmp = qt4Project->environment(m_buildConfiguration).searchInPath(makeCmd);
makeCmd = tmp;
qmake.start(makeCmd, makeArguments);
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