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Doc: Specifying keyboard shortcuts for Emacs actions

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\li Alt+V, n, where n is the number of the user action, from 1 to 9
\section3 Emacs Shortcuts
You can specify shortcuts for executing actions in a way that is familiar to
{Emacs} editor users. The actions are not bound to any key combinations by
default. The following actions are available:
\li Copy
\li Cut
\li Delete Character
\li Exchange Cursor and Mark
\li Go to File End
\li Go to File Start
\li Go to Line End
\li Go to Line Start
\li Go to Next Character
\li Go to Next Line
\li Go to Next Word
\li Go to Previous Character
\li Go to Previous Line
\li Go to Previous Word
\li Insert Line and Indent
\li Kill Line
\li Kill Word
\li Mark
\li Scroll Half Screen Down
\li Scroll Half Screen Up
\li Yank
\section2 Image Viewer Shortcuts
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