Commit c18dc4d4 authored by Sami Tikka's avatar Sami Tikka Committed by Tobias Hunger
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VCS: Support nested repositories

Find correct version control to use in a repo inside another repo (e.g.
SVN checkout inside a git repo)

Merge-request: 224
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent 37011912
......@@ -86,6 +86,11 @@ void VCSManager::extensionsInitialized()
static bool longerThanPath(QPair<QString, IVersionControl *> &pair1, QPair<QString, IVersionControl *> &pair2)
return pair1.first.size() > pair2.first.size();
IVersionControl* VCSManager::findVersionControlForDirectory(const QString &directory,
QString *topLevelDirectory)
......@@ -143,18 +148,34 @@ IVersionControl* VCSManager::findVersionControlForDirectory(const QString &direc
// Nothing: ask the IVersionControls directly, insert the toplevel into the cache.
const VersionControlList versionControls = allVersionControls();
QList<QPair<QString, IVersionControl *> > allThatCanManage;
foreach (IVersionControl * versionControl, versionControls) {
QString topLevel;
if (versionControl->managesDirectory(directory, &topLevel)) {
m_d->m_cachedMatches.insert(topLevel, versionControl);
if (debug)
qDebug("<findVersionControlForDirectory: %s manages %s",
allThatCanManage.push_back(qMakePair(topLevel, versionControl));
// To properly find a nested repository (say, git checkout inside SVN),
// we need to select the version control with the longest toplevel pathname.
qSort(allThatCanManage.begin(), allThatCanManage.end(), longerThanPath);
if (!allThatCanManage.isEmpty()) {
QString toplevel = allThatCanManage.first().first;
IVersionControl *versionControl = allThatCanManage.first().second;
m_d->m_cachedMatches.insert(toplevel, versionControl);
if (topLevelDirectory)
*topLevelDirectory = topLevel;
*topLevelDirectory = toplevel;
if (debug)
qDebug("<findVersionControlForDirectory: invocation of '%s' matches: %s",
qPrintable(versionControl->displayName()), qPrintable(topLevel));
qPrintable(versionControl->displayName()), qPrintable(toplevel));
return versionControl;
if (debug)
qDebug("<findVersionControlForDirectory: No match for %s", qPrintable(directory));
return 0;
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