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Document known issue with storing the settings on an NFS share

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\o Gdb on Windows may not work if the 'Embassy \reg Security Center' software
by 'Wave \reg Systems' is installed and active (causing crashes in \c{vxvault.dll)}).
\o Only simple data types (POD) work in the Watch Window of CDB.
\o Qt Creator uses SQLite for storing some of its settings. SQLite is
known to have problems with certain NFS servers (most notably the
nfs-user-server 2.2beta), since they can lock up the application
when it tries to lock the database. If your home directory is on an
NFS share and you encounter this issue, one option would be to
switch to the nfs-kernel-server, or create a symlink so that the
settings are stored locally.
\section1 Known Issues of Version 1.1.0
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