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Don't run if the qmake arguments are just in a different order

The code is technically incorrect and easy to fool.
See the comment in the patch.
parent 82e13776
......@@ -468,6 +468,22 @@ bool Qt4BuildConfiguration::compareToImportFrom(const QString &workingDirectory)
qDebug()<<"Parsed spec:"<<parsedSpec;
// Comparing the sorted list is obviously wrong
// Though haven written a more complete version
// that managed had around 200 lines and yet faild
// to be actually foolproof at all, I think it's
// not feasible without actually taking the qmake
// command line parsing code
// Things, sorting gets wrong:
// parameters to positional parameters matter
// e.g. -o -spec is different from -spec -o
// -o 1 -spec 2 is diffrent from -spec 1 -o 2
// variable assignment order matters
// variable assignment vs -after
// -norecursive vs. recursive
if (actualArgs == parsedArgs) {
// Specs match exactly
if (actualSpec == parsedSpec)
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