Commit d035dbb1 authored by Kai Koehne's avatar Kai Koehne
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Examples: Remove loading of *.xml files from Qt demos/examples dir

Not sure what this code path did originally, but since at least
Qt 4.8.0 examples, demos manifest files are only in doc.

Change-Id: I6edf1f712fc06d290edf0fe978a6635966084e60
Reviewed-by: default avatarThomas Hartmann <>
parent 41b57bfd
......@@ -502,8 +502,6 @@ QStringList ExamplesListModel::exampleSources(QString *examplesInstallPath, QStr
if (size > 0)
return sources;
const QStringList pattern(QLatin1String("*.xml"));
foreach (BaseQtVersion *version, qtVersions()) {
//filter for qt versions
if (version->uniqueId() != m_uniqueQtId && m_uniqueQtId != noQtVersionsId)
......@@ -527,14 +525,6 @@ QStringList ExamplesListModel::exampleSources(QString *examplesInstallPath, QStr
*demosInstallPath = version->demosPath();
return sources;
fis << QDir(version->examplesPath()).entryInfoList(pattern);
fis << QDir(version->demosPath()).entryInfoList(pattern);
if (!fis.isEmpty()) {
foreach (const QFileInfo &fi, fis)
return sources;
return sources;
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