Commit d086f760 authored by kh1's avatar kh1
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Improved workaround for new qt documentation, base on dboddie's work.

Make the check more generic, to also work for all other Qt namespaces
than qt.ver.s.ion. Still there's something broken in Qt webkit or so.

Reviewed-by: ck
parent f996b246
......@@ -44,14 +44,12 @@
using namespace Help::Internal;
QString HelpViewer::DocPath = QString::fromLatin1("qthelp://com."
.replace(QLatin1String("."), QLatin1String("")));
const QString HelpViewer::DocPath = QLatin1String("qthelp://com.trolltech.");
QString HelpViewer::AboutBlankPage =
const QString HelpViewer::AboutBlankPage =
QCoreApplication::translate("HelpViewer", "<title>about:blank</title>");
QString HelpViewer::PageNotFoundMessage =
const QString HelpViewer::PageNotFoundMessage =
QCoreApplication::translate("HelpViewer", "<title>Error 404...</title><div "
"align=\"center\"><br><br><h1>The page could not be found</h1><br><h3>'%1'"
......@@ -85,9 +85,9 @@ public:
bool findText(const QString &text, Find::IFindSupport::FindFlags flags,
bool incremental, bool fromSearch);
static QString DocPath;
static QString AboutBlankPage;
static QString PageNotFoundMessage;
static const QString DocPath;
static const QString AboutBlankPage;
static const QString PageNotFoundMessage;
static bool isLocalUrl(const QUrl &url);
static bool canOpenPage(const QString &url);
......@@ -133,9 +133,10 @@ QNetworkReply *HelpNetworkAccessManager::createRequest(Operation /*op*/,
// the virtual folder
if (!engine.findFile(url).isValid()) {
if (url.startsWith(HelpViewer::DocPath)) {
if (!url.startsWith(HelpViewer::DocPath + "qdoc/")) {
url = url.replace(HelpViewer::DocPath,
HelpViewer::DocPath + QLatin1String("qdoc/"));
QUrl newUrl = request.url();
if (!newUrl.path().startsWith(QLatin1String("/qdoc/"))) {
newUrl.setPath(QLatin1String("/qdoc/") + newUrl.path());
url = newUrl.toString();
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