Commit d5f76338 authored by Rohan McGovern's avatar Rohan McGovern
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Workaround bug where documentation sometimes is not generated.

On Windows, for unknown reasons, qhelpgenerator.exe sometimes will
not generate the documentation if run directly from nmake.
Running it through an intermediate cmd seems to work.
So, do that.

Reviewed-by: Daniel Molkentin
parent ca9fe00c
......@@ -19,8 +19,10 @@ unix {
HELPGENERATOR = $$(QTDIR)/bin/qhelpgenerator
} else {
QDOC = set SRCDIR=$$PWD&& set OUTDIR=$$OUT_PWD/doc/html&& $$QDOC_BIN
HELPGENERATOR = $$(QTDIR)\bin\qhelpgenerator.exe
QDOC = set SRCDIR=$$PWD&& set OUTDIR=$$OUT_PWD/doc/html&& $$QDOC_BIN
# Always run qhelpgenerator inside its own cmd; this is a workaround for
# an unusual bug which causes qhelpgenerator.exe to do nothing
HELPGENERATOR = cmd /C $$(QTDIR)\bin\qhelpgenerator.exe
QHP_FILE = $$OUT_PWD/doc/html/qtcreator.qhp
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