Commit d9af2e05 authored by Eike Ziller's avatar Eike Ziller
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FileSystemFilter: Use QFileInfo::fileName instead of FileName::fileName

The input can well be relative, and contain slashes at the end...

Change-Id: Id4fd65474f2b9c23824f7a822c6e29cf443e1058
Reviewed-by: Orgad Shaneh's avatarOrgad Shaneh <>
parent 58d53ebd
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ QList<LocatorFilterEntry> FileSystemFilter::matchesFor(QFutureInterface<LocatorF
// file names can match with +linenumber or :linenumber
name = entry;
const QString lineNoSuffix = EditorManager::splitLineNumber(&name);
name = Utils::FileName::fromString(name).fileName();
name = QFileInfo(name).fileName();
foreach (const QString &file, files) {
if (future.isCanceled())
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