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\section2 Common options
The \gui{Version Control/Common} settings page features common settings for
version control systems, such as commit message line wrapping and checking options.
\gui{Submit message checking script} is a script or program that can be used to
perform checks on the submit message before submitting. It is passed the
submit message as first parameter. On error, it should output a message on standard error and
return an exit code different from 0.
\gui{User/alias configuration file} takes a file in a mailmap format that lists
user names and aliases:
Jon Doe <>
Hans Mustermann <> hm <>
The second line specifies that the alias \e{hm} and the corresponding email address should
be used for \e{Hans Mustermann}. If the file is present, the submit editor will feature
a context menu option \gui{Insert name...} that will pop up a dialog letting the user
choose a name to be inserted.
\gui{User field configuration file} is a simple text file consisting of lines specifying submit message fields that take user names, for example:
The fields will appear below the submit message. They provide completion on the
aliases/public user names specified in the \e{User/alias configuration file} and an additional
button that opens the aforementioned user name dialog.
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