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debugger: replace hack to select trk adapter and pass parameters by a new one

Now .pro files can be used as project description as usual. To make the
debugger pick up the "on device" part a magic commandline is needed:
"@sym@ c:\sys\bin\your.exe  /path/to/your.sym"

If the project is not compilable, remove the Make and QMake buildsteps
and add a new Custom step that's only calling /bin/true.
parent cbf0b6f2
......@@ -1475,7 +1475,7 @@ AbstractGdbAdapter *GdbEngine::determineAdapter(const DebuggerStartParametersPtr
// @todo: remove testing hack
if (sp->executable.endsWith(_(".sym")))
if (sp-> == _("@sym@"))
return m_trkAdapter;
switch (sp->startMode) {
case AttachCore:
......@@ -1424,9 +1424,9 @@ void TrkGdbAdapter::startAdapter()
m_remoteExecutable = parameters.executable;
m_symbolFile = parameters.symbolFileName;
// FIXME: testing hack, remove!
if (m_remoteExecutable.endsWith(_(".sym"))) {
m_symbolFile = m_remoteExecutable;
m_remoteExecutable = parameters.processArgs.join(_(" "));
if ( == _("@sym@")) {
m_remoteExecutable =;
m_symbolFile =;
// Start
QTC_ASSERT(state() == EngineStarting, qDebug() << state());
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