Commit e0e4c4d3 authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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properly evaluate one-arg-variant of CONFIG()

parent 46bc5a80
......@@ -2540,10 +2540,8 @@ ProItem::ProItemReturn ProFileEvaluator::Private::evaluateConditionalFunction(
logMessage(format("CONFIG(config) requires one or two arguments."));
return ProItem::ReturnFalse;
if (args.count() == 1) {
//cond = isActiveConfig(args.first()); XXX
return ProItem::ReturnFalse;
if (args.count() == 1)
return returnBool(isActiveConfig(args.first()));
const QStringList mutuals = args[1].split(QLatin1Char('|'));
const QStringList &configs = valuesDirect(statics.strCONFIG);
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