Commit e3f47cbf authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: fix recent regression in startup logic

parent a40f5564
......@@ -762,15 +762,21 @@ void GdbEngine::postCommand(const QString &command, GdbCommandFlags flags,
void GdbEngine::flushCommand(GdbCommand &cmd)
if (m_gdbAdapter->state() != QProcess::Running) {
emit gdbInputAvailable(LogInput, cmd.command);
debugMessage(_("GDB PROCESS NOT RUNNING, PLAIN CMD IGNORED: ") + cmd.command);
cmd.postTime = QTime::currentTime();
m_cookieForToken[currentToken()] = cmd;
cmd.command = QString::number(currentToken()) + cmd.command;
if (cmd.flags & EmbedToken)
cmd.command = cmd.command.arg(currentToken());
emit gdbInputAvailable(LogInput, cmd.command);
m_gdbAdapter->write(cmd.command.toLatin1() + "\r\n");
void GdbEngine::handleResultRecord(const GdbResultRecord &record)
......@@ -841,6 +847,8 @@ void GdbEngine::handleResultRecord(const GdbResultRecord &record)
<< m_pendingRequests << cmd.command);
// Continue only if there are no commands wire anymore, so this will
// be fully synchroneous.
// This is somewhat inefficient, as it makes the last command synchronous.
// An optimization would be requesting the continue immediately when the
// event loop is entered, and let individual commands have a flag to suppress
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