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Doc - using debugger from command line

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\gui {Interrupt}. The program is automatically interrupted as soon as a
breakpoint is hit.
\section2 Starting the Debugger from the Command Line
You can use the Qt Creator debugger interface from the command line. To
attach it to a running process, specify the process ID as a parameter for
the \c {-debug} option. To examine a core file, specify the file name.
Qt Creator executes all the necessary steps, such as searching for
the binary that belongs to a core file.
For example:
\o \c {C:\qtcreator-2.1\bin>qtcreator -debug 2000}
\o \c {C:\qtcreator-2.1\bin>qtcreator -debug core.2000}
For more information, see \l{Using Command Line Options}.
\section1 Using the Debugger
Once the program stops, Qt Creator:
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